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Example Tenant Lead

This information is provided to you because this visitor to viewed World Trade Center and the property is a featured listing. During our registration process, this visitor identified themselves as a tenant and then checked a box that says "Allow listing agents to contact me with spaces that fit my criteria." In contacting the tenant, please make sure you have a space listed that matches the criteria below.

Company Example Company, Inc.
Location Denver, CO
Contact John Tenant
Phone 303-555-1212
Market Area Denver Region, Downtown Market
SF Needed 1,000-1,500
Space Type Office
Timing Within 90 days
Comment Looking for Class A space
First Visit 9/18/2004
Last Visit 10/6/2004
Buildings Viewed 12
User Profile Tenant actively looking for space 
Found Site Internet Search Engine 
Broker Just starting to look for space and not sure about hiring an agent 
Contact Me? Yes
Verified? Yes

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