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Visitor Profiles

In January 2002, we modified our registration process to better understand our visitors and their needs. Previously, a visitor to our site could view a property's suite-by-suite availability page anonymously. Presently, in order to view that page, the property must be a featured listing or the visitor must either be a member or registered user. There is no charge for registering. During the registration process, the visitor is asked how they found our site and to specify a user profile. The following table provides a summary of the profiles of our registered guests:

Visitor Profile Percent

Lender looking market information


Vendor looking for leads




Student doing academic research


50% of our new users find us using Internet search engines. To understand why, visit (the Internet's top rated search engine) and try a search for "office space." You will find that comes up in the top ten matches, and usually in the top three. The rest of our visitors come from a variety of other sources, including radio/print advertising, recommendation from a friend, referrals from brokers and landlords, links from other web sites, and by simply typing in our url.

Currently, experiences approximately 1,600 unique visitors / 4,200 total user sessions per business day. After factoring in visits from our members and discounting single page visits, we estimate that 60% of our visits are from real estate professionals and 20% are from tenants. More web site statistics.

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