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Property / Listing Agent Ratings

We have developed a four star rating system as a quick way to inform our visitors how long it has been since a particular listing has last been updated. We then aggregate the individual listings to give an overall rating for the listing company/landlord on our Landlord and Listing Agents page. This rating is not intended to be a reflection as to the class/quality of a particular property or leasing company. Since our system does not send out an update request until a listing is 30 days old, we consider a rating of three stars or better to fall within our process parameters. Once a rating slips to two stars, we call the listing agent directly for an update. Most agents are diligent in providing us this information, as we market their listing(s) for free to over 4,200 visitors per business day. However, if a listing falls to over 120 days old, then it becomes a member only listing and is no longer marketed for free. In summary:

  Listing(s) last updated within 30 days.
  Listing(s) last updated between 31 and 60 days ago.
  Listing(s) last updated between 61 and 90 days ago.
  Listing(s) last updated more than 90 days ago.

In addition, some properties are single tenant with a long term lease. These are typically set to update once every three to six months. In order to not negatively impact a company's rating, properties that fall into this category are not aggregated on our Landlord and Listing Agents page. That is why, for example, that the summary page may state 15 properties but when clicking through to the detail page, 16 listings are shown.

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