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Tenant Visitors on

The following is a partial list of tenants who have used our site to find space during the past 30 days:

Region Visitor SF Needed Space Type Major Market Contact

During our registration process, the above visitors have identified themselves as tenants. If the entry under the contact me column says "Yes", then the tenant has checked a box that says "Allow listing agents to contact me with spaces that fit my criteria." You may gain access to more information about this tenant by featuring your listing.

The following table groups our registered tenants by size (based on those tenants who have specified a size requirement):

SF Needed  Number   Percent 
 1,000-1,500  2,300 15.9%
 Under 500  2,017 13.9%
 750-1,000  1,909 13.2%
 500-750  1,622 11.2%
 1,500-2,000  1,527 10.5%
 Over 5,000  1,364 9.4%
 Not Sure  1,122 7.7%
 2,000-2,500  885 6.1%
 2,500-3,000  711 4.9%
 3,000-4,000  610 4.2%
 4,000-5,000  437 3.0%
 All Sizes  14,504 100%




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