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Welcome to's stats page for All Visitors. This page provides a brief summary of properties and spaces and web site activity statistics. For a profile of our visitors, click here. The following table summaries the number of properties and available spaces (for lease) that can be found on

Property Statistics for
  Cincinnati Columbus Denver Mpls./St. Paul Portland Seattle Spokane
Office Properties 1,208 1,135 1,288 474 1,237 3,591 398
Office Buildings 1,509 1,457 1,569 533 1,521 4,318 484
Available Office Spcs 1,048 1,634 4,589 1,048 1,977 4,189 628
Office Square Feet 60,383,041 48,853,867 103,443,581 55,363,046 60,348,341 155,340,152 11,013,741

Ind/Flex Properties 1,337 855 854 730 1,051 2,343 126
Ind/Flex Buildings 1,608 1,175 1,240 767 2,100 3,822 228
Avail Ind/Flex Spaces 557 565 1,138 710 942 1,783 142
Industrial/Flex Sq Ft 108,362,673 109,393,872 61,740,898 62,948,819 92,544,696 181,600,166 9,200,061

Retail Properties 459 465 167 N/A 494 1,599 103
Retail Buildings 511 636 282 N/A 973 2,992 151
Available Retail Spcs 320 651 285 N/A 646 2,036 179
Retail Square Feet 21,827,876 32,955,971 7,545,034 N/A 34,077,019 69,315,382 2,908,831

For the year 2010, had approximately 930,000 user sessions resulting in 5,050,000 page views and 20,000,000 hits. Web traffic for the year was up approximately 10% from the year before. Exact numbers are being reconciled to our actual log files for the previous month. Please check back again soon for this updated information.

Hits, Page Views and User Sessions Defined

A "Hit" is defined as a file transfer from by our web server to a visitor of our website. Your request for this page, for example, has just resulted in four "hits" to our web server. One for the page itself (a page view), and one each for the three unique graphics on the page. From here, if you were to visit our membership page, our server would record only two hits (one for the page view and a second for the bigger logo) vs. four, as it does not resend graphics that it has previously sent to you (during this user session).

A "Page View" is defined as a unique page request to our web server. Your visit to this page has resulted in one page view. If you were to next visit our home page, that would result in a second page view. Using the 'back' button on your web browser to then return to this page does not result in a third page view. However, if you were then to click the 'refresh' or 'reload' button, our server would register a third page view.

A "User Session" is defined as the time period during which our web server sends page requests to a unique IP address (in this case, your computer). A user session can last as little as 5 seconds (you come to this page and leave immediately to another web site) or possibly all day (if you were to visit every page on our website). Thirty minutes of inactivity results in a second user session; if you leave for 10 minutes and then come back, the result is one user session. However, if you come back after 30 minutes, the result is a second user session.

In summary, a User Session is created each time there is a visit to our web site followed by 30 minutes of inactivity. During a User Session, there may be several Page Views. And each Page View results, on average, about 4 Hits to our web site.

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