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Web Site Traffic.'s web traffic has been growing at a rate of approximately 3% per month over the prior twelve months. In 2009 alone, had 935,000 user sessions, which resulted in 5,050,000 page views and 20 million hits. On a typical day, over 1,000 searches for property/space information are performed on our web site. More Info.

Exposure. Our presence and exposure on the Internet sets us apart from our competition. When conducting a search for "office space" on (the Internet's #1 search engine), you will find that comes up within the first three matches, usually in first position. The same holds true for numerous other search phrases (such as "Denver office space") and other Internet directories (such as This is significant in that 65% of our registered visitors find us using search engines. In addition, nearly 55% of our registered visitors identify themselves as tenants in the market for space.

Satisfied Clients. "Just a quick note to thank the team for your great customer service. Your attention to detail and the quality of your site are fantastic!". What others have to say about us.

Services for Tenants

Our service offerings for Tenants are focused on providing them with tools and resources to help them relocate their business. If you are considering moving, then a perfect start to your endeavor is's Move Guide. In addition, if you have more space than you currently need, our Tenant Sublease Listing can help.

Tenant Sublease Listing. A Tenant Sublease can be added to our database in the form of a featured listing. A Featured Sublease is clearly identified wherever subleases are displayed, is separately highlighted at the beginning of each sublease section, and is included in our featured property search. As a result, a Featured Sublease listing receives terrific exposure. The $195 fee includes set-up and listing until space is sublet or otherwise removed at tenant's request. Click Here to add your sublease or Download Agreement.

For further information, email us at or contact one of our representatives below.

Region Contact Name Phone Email
Corporate Susie Algard (206) 462-4178
Cincinnati Brion Maki (866) 206-5365
Columbus Brion Maki (866) 206-5365
Denver Brion Maki (303) 400-1523
Mpls./St. Paul Brion Maki (866) 206-5365
Portland John Heimbigner (503) 943-6490
Seattle John Heimbigner (206) 287-1918
Spokane John Heimbigner (888) 998-6867

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