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Chapter Three - Two Months Before the Move

Now is the time to take care of many move-related details including giving notice to your current landlord, contacting telephone companies, and shopping for a new bank or cleaning service. Keep using your blueprints, calendars, and checklists to help you plan. Equally important, keep employees motivated by holding contests and post a count-down of the number of days until moving day.

  1. Picking the Moving Day
  2. Giving Notice
  3. Contacting Your New Telephone Companies
  4. Networking and Locating Other Professionals
  5. Shopping for a New Bank
  6. Obtaining Property Insurance
  7. Inquiring about Company Cars and Insurance Coverage
  8. Ordering Office Signs
  9. Planning for Plants
  10. Hiring a Cleaning Company
  11. Holding a Moving Sale
  12. Renting a Storage Locker
  13. Motivating Employees
  14. Planning a Going-Away Party
  15. Writing a Press Release and Other Promotions
  16. Two Months Before the Move Checklist

1. Picking the Moving Day.  If you haven't picked your official moving day, do so now! It is best to schedule your move on a slow business day, or on the weekend. Most employees do not have to be present the day of the move, especially if things are attended to beforehand. If you plan to move during a regular working day, allow for a skeleton crew to answer incoming telephone calls and take sales and service orders, or whatever else is crucial to your operation.

2. Giving Notice.  Let your current landlord know of your impending move by telephone and follow up with a formal written notice at least 30 days in advance. Find out if you need to return office keys, have the offices professionally cleaned after moving, or need to schedule a final inspection. Also inquire about the return of your security deposit if applicable.

3. Contacting Your New Telephone Companies.  Contact your local and long distance telephone companies to inform them of your move. Work with your Electrical, Telephones & Computer Manager to compile a list of all your current telephone, fax, and modem lines before calling. If you're moving within the same city, you should be able to keep the same numbers. If moving out of the area or out of state your telephone numbers, of course, will change. In either case, you'll need to schedule connect and disconnect dates.

Be sure to have your telephone book listing and any advertisements reflect your new address and telephone numbers as soon as possible. Order a new telephone book for each employee, and schedule delivery to your new location immediately after you move. You'll have enough to move without hauling telephone books too.  Return to Top

Copyright Notice. Portions of's Moving Guide have been reprinted with permission from The Small Company Moving Guide, authored by Diane Touleyrou.

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