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Chapter Six - Moving Day

This is the day when all your hard work and planning come together and payoff. Be on hand at the new site to answer questions, and don't forget to pat yourself on the back!

  1. Holding Your Moving Day Meeting
  2. Before the Movers Arrive
  3. Things You'll Need on Hand on Moving Day
  4. Loading the Truck
  5. Driving the Truck
  6. Unloading the Truck
  7. Moving Safely
  8. Moving Day Refreshments
  9. Cleaning and Final Inspection
  10. Tipping the Movers
  11. Moving Day Checklist

1. Holding Your Moving Day Meeting.  First thing in the morning before the movers arrive, get the staff together and go over what will be happening that day. Have donuts or bagels and plenty of coffee on hand. Let employees know what is expected of them and how they can help unpack or help assemble items at the new location. Designate someone to stay at the old location to be in charge of answering questions, supervising the movers, and performing the final inspection to make sure everything is loaded before the movers leave with their final load.

2. Before the Movers Arrive.  Assign an employee or several employees to make sure everything is ready for transport before the movers arrive. Double-check to make sure all desks, storage cabinets, and book cases are empty and file cabinets are locked. Be sure all wall hangings are packed, "DO NOT MOVE" stickers are in place, and everything is color-coded adequately.

Copyright Notice. Portions of's Moving Guide have been reprinted with permission from The Small Company Moving Guide, authored by Diane Touleyrou.

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