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Chapter Seven - After the Move

Although your first concern will be to get back to business as usual, remember that it took time to pack and move, and it will take time to unpack and settle in. Take your time, and learn to adjust to your new location.

  1. Placing a "We've Moved" Sign at the Old Office
  2. Holding Your After-the-Move Party
  3. Changing Your Voice Mail Greeting
  4. What to do with Empty Boxes
  5. Reporting Damage Claims
  6. Handling Forwarded Mail
  7. Holding Your After-the-Move Company Meeting
  8. Planning an Open House
  9. After the Move Checklist

1. Placing a "We've Moved!" Sign at the Old Office.  Place a "We've Moved!" sign with a map and directions to the new location and your new telephone number at the entrance of your old location in case customers or others try to reach you.

2. Holding Your After-the-Move Party.  It's time to celebrate a job well done and alleviate the stress of moving! The Morale Manager should either hold a catered event on the new premises or plan to have everyone meet later in the evening or the following day at a favorite restaurant or nightclub.

3. Changing Your Voice Mail Greeting.  If your company has automated voice mail, review your message in the event it needs to be changed.

Copyright Notice. Portions of's Moving Guide have been reprinted with permission from The Small Company Moving Guide, authored by Diane Touleyrou.

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