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Chapter Four - One Month Before the Move

Hang in there, it gets easier from here! Make sure all of the duties mentioned in earlier chapters have been attended to and are on track. With only a month to go before the move, it's now time to focus on packing and final preparations.

  1. Reserving Your Rental Truck
  2. Opening a New Post Office Box
  3. Creating Moving Announcements
  4. Contacting Utility Companies
  5. Ordering New Office Stationery
  6. Previewing Your New Offices
  7. Vending Machines and Commercial Coffee Services
  8. Scheduling Phone Coverage
  9. Discontinuing Memberships
  10. Scheduling a Physical Inventory
  11. One Month Before the Move Checklist

1. Reserving Your Rental Truck.  If you are moving yourself and need to rent a truck, look into reserving one now. Check your yellow pages under Moving Equipment Rental and visit several companies before deciding. Don't put this off -- it is too important to leave truck availability to chance!

2. Opening a New Post Office Box.  If you will be requiring a post office box near the new site, make plans to visit the local post office to open a box. Be sure the size you select is large enough to accommodate the volume of mail you plan to receive.

3. Creating Moving Announcements.  A written announcement to customers, vendors, associates, and others related to your business is mandatory. If your company produces a regular newsletter, you can save on the postage of mailing a separate announcement by promoting the move in a front page newsletter article or newsletter insert. In any event, be sure to send a formal announcement stating both the new and old addresses and telephone numbers, as well as the effective date. If customers need to visit you, you may wish to also include a map. At least three weeks prior to moving, mail announcements to the following:

  1. All current and prospective customers
  2. All vendors
  3. Banks, credit unions, and other lending institutions
  4. Accounting, payroll, tax, and legal advisors
  5. Insurance providers
  6. Any contractors or subcontractors
  7. Credit card companies
  8. Advertisers
  9. Memberships and trade associations
  10. Magazine publishers
  11. Shipping companies
  12. Travel agencies, and frequent flyer programs
  13. Local, state, and federal income tax bureaus
  14. City and/or county tax assessors  Return to Top

4. Contacting Utility Companies.  Call your old and new electric, gas, water, and other utility companies to arrange for the disconnection and connection of services. Confirm charges and return of deposits, if any.  Return to Top

Copyright Notice. Portions of's Moving Guide have been reprinted with permission from The Small Company Moving Guide, authored by Diane Touleyrou.

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