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Chapter Five - One Week Before the Move

Only one week to go! This chapter outlines last-minute responsibilities such as backing up computers, closing safe deposit boxes, and marking items which should not be moved. Most importantly, note any projects or duties that are running behind schedule and enlist help at your pre-move company meeting. At this late stage, feel free to recruit anyone and everyone necessary to keep on schedule.

  1. Making Copies of New Office Keys
  2. Making Maps to the New Location
  3. Holding Your Pre-Move Company Meeting
  4. Forwarding Orders and Closing Post Office Boxes
  5. Performing Physical Inventory
  6. Closing Safe Deposit Boxes
  7. Clearing Out Storage Lockers
  8. Defrosting the Refrigerator
  9. Cleaning the Old Office
  10. Marking Items which Should Not be Moved
  11. Making Signs for the Movers
  12. Last Minute Confirmations
  13. Backing Up Computers
  14. One Week Before the Move Checklist

1. Making Copies of New Office Keys.  Make copies of the new office keys to distribute at your pre-move company meeting. Label them well and archive at least one set of all master keys. Ask your new landlord about after hours and parking garage access. Distribute key cards as necessary.

2. Making Maps to the New Location.  Have someone print a map from the Internet to the new location, and distribute copies at your pre-move company meeting.

3. Holding Your Pre-Move Company Meeting.  Approximately one week before moving, hold a mandatory staff meeting to report on the move status. If there are any projects that are running behind schedule, assign or ask for volunteers to make sure everything is attended to before moving day. Most employees need not be present on moving day and some moving companies prefer that only those associated with the move be available. Note those employees who will not be present and make sure their belongings will be ready for transport. Also make sure you have a skeleton crew in place to take care of business.

Describe what employees can expect to happen on moving day and how they can help transport items by car, assemble items, or unpack at the new location. If you are hosting an after-the-move celebration, let everyone know when and where. Insist that everyone wear comfortable shoes, clothing, and your special moving T-Shirts, if applicable, on moving day.

While you have everyone together, pass out the new office keys, card keys and maps to the new location. Have a list of employee names on hand to record who received which new keys. This is also a good time to describe how your new security system operates and let everyone know the code.  Return to Top

Copyright Notice. Portions of's Moving Guide have been reprinted with permission from The Small Company Moving Guide, authored by Diane Touleyrou.

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