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Appendix C - Calendars and Checklists

Calendars and checklists are invaluable when it comes to organizing your move. You can use calendars to help you schedule your moving meetings and all other move related details. For example, the sample calendars in this guide cover the months of April through July 2005. The decision to move was made on April 1, 2005 and the move-in date of Friday, July 8th was selected. Calendars are provided in Microsoft Excel format while checklists are available in Word format. All documents are available as pdf files.

Copyright Notice. Portions of's Moving Guide have been reprinted with permission from The Small Company Moving Guide, authored by Diane Touleyrou.

       Access to the remaining part of the Move Guide requires registration, followed by the purchase of a $29 subscription.      

The following checklists and calendars are available with the purchase of a subscription:

  • Moving Calendar
  • Three Months Before the Move Checklist
  • Two Months Before the Move Checklist
  • One Month Before the Move Checklist
  • One Week Before the Move Checklist
  • Moving Day Checklist
  • After the Move Checklist

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