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Stejer Development
Exclusive Property Listings (4) for:
John Stejer, (509) 482-0308,
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  2nd and Hatch       
  622 E Second Avenue, Spokane  99202    
  Submarket:  Downtown Periphery  
  Property Type:  Office/Retail Mixed  
  Year Built:  N/A (ren 2007)        Floors:  1  
  Total RSF:  7,344       Available RSF:   0   
  Net Rental Rate:  N/A
  5 Mile Shopping Center       
  1800 W Francis Avenue, Spokane  99205    
  Submarket:  North Side  
  Property Type:  Retail  
  Year Built:  1957 (ren 2005)        Floors:  1  
  Total SF:  165,000       Available SF:   0   
  Net Rental Rate:  N/A
  904 E Wellesley       
  904 E Wellesley, Spokane  99207    
  Submarket:  North Side  
  Property Type:  Office/Retail Mixed  
  Year Built:  1978 (ren 2009)        Floors:  1  
  Total RSF:  2,700       Available RSF:   0   
  Net Rental Rate:  N/A
  Tapio Office Center       
  104 S Freya Street, Spokane  99202    
  Submarket:  Downtown Periphery  
  Property Type:  Office  
  Year Built:  1979 (ren 2000)        Buildings:  10  
  Total RSF:  120,000       Available RSF:   4,484   
  Gross Rental Rate:  $15.50

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